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This region is in the south of the Iberian peninsula, with a total surface area of some 87,268 km2 (54,226 mi2). It is divided into eight provinces and the capital of the region is Seville, located in the center. Andalusia borders to the west with Portugal, to the south with the Atlantic ocean, to the east with the provinces of Murcia and Albacete and to the north with the provinces of Ciudad Real and Badajoz. The climate is warm and dry all year long, which makes the vegetation scarce and not very abundant. It is a very touristic region because of its beaches and wonderful climate, as well as the Penibetic mountain range where the ski area of Sierra Nevada is located. Every year, an important number of skiers go to this area and create a booming service oriented economy. This region’s economy is also built on wine production and goat and sheep breeding. The most characteristic Andalusian cheeses are the Alpujarras, Grazalema, Pedroches and that from the mountains of Cádiz province.

Zonas queseras de ANDALUSIA

Las Alpujarras region
The region of Las Alpujarras is located between the mountain ranges of the Controversia and the impressive Sierra Nevada. With sharp and abrupt hillsides, it is one of the most remarkable agrarian areas of Spain. The irrigated crops, the fruit trees and vegetable crops coexist with an extensive breeding of white goats.

Mountains of Cádiz
The eastern half of Cádiz province, in the mountains of Cádiz and its surroundings.

Mountains of Grazalema
All of the Cádiz mountains of Grazalema, mainly in Villaluenga del Rosario, Benaolcaz and Grazalema, which borders Málaga province, make up a singular ecosystem: rough, quite wild and high altitudes where, for a long time, livestock breeding and cheese production is quite traditional.

Valley of the Pedroches
The valley of Los Pedroches is located to the northeast of Córdoba province.

Valley of the Pedroches