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This region is in the northwest of the Iberian peninsula and borders Portugal to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west and Asturias, León and Zamora to the east. The climate is humid and rather rainy, and as such presents a luxurious vegetation. Its area surface covers some 29,434 km2 (18,289 mi2). It is divided in four provinces and the capital of the community is Santiago de Compostela, in La Coruña province. The official language is Galician, although of course Spanish is also widely spoken. The southern area of the community is known for its vineyards and all the coastal area is known for fishing with some very important fishing ports. Its best breeding livestock is the cow, which greatly benefits from the climate and the amplitude of the humid pastures for its grazing. The most notable cheeses are: Tetilla, Arzúa-Ulloa, Cebreiro, San Simón and cheese from Nabiza.

Zonas queseras de GALICIA

Ulloa river basin
The production area in this region is the eastern part of La Coruña province and southwest Lugo province. This area has a maritime climate and is rich in vegetation.

Villalba county
A singular and secular land, San Simón, which belongs to the district of Villalba, boasts of a very long tradition in the fabrication of “zuecos” (a sort of wooden shoe), cheese and capon breeding. This is a maritime climate, and the region is dotted with green pastures, multiple forts, dolmens and megalithic burial sites, as well as the famous San Roque chapel, in Bodán (Capilla de San Roque).

The production area includes Baralla, Becerreá, Navia de Suarna, As Nogais, Triacastela, Cervantes, Pedrafita and Folgoso do Caurel, all located in eastern Lugo province.

Galicia where mostly cow’s milk cheeses are produced. The region has a difficult orography that makes transporting the product to market difficult. The climate is maritime, quite rainy and there is thick vegetation of all kinds. Undoubtedly, livestock breeding has been very frequent for a long, long time in this region, making it very likely that curd and cheeses were produced even by the most primitive inhabitants of this region. This land offers unbeatable conditions for humidity and great pastures.

Ulloa river basin
Arzua Ulloa
Villalba county
San Simón