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This region is located in the northeast of the peninsula, bordering Navarre and the Basque country to the north, and Castilla – León to the south and east. Its total surface area is 5,034 km2 (3,128 mi2), it only has one province and its capital is Logroño. The base of the production of La Rioja is wine. There are numerous excellent vineyards and wineries with Guarantee of Origin (D.O.) which lend much more importance to the community. The majority of the land is not cultivated (mostly in the central-southern area) and in the northern half is where we find all the vineyards with D.O. from La Rioja. The temperatures in winter are mostly cold and in the summer they are mostly moderate. Rain is not very abundant here. One important cheese from this region is the Camerano.

Zonas queseras de LA RIOJA