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This region is in the northeastern part of the peninsula, bordering the Basque country to the north, as well as France, Aragón to the east and to the south, also Aragón, as well as La Rioja. The total surface area is 10,421 km2 (6,475 mi2). It is uniprovincial and its capital is Pamplona. The northern part of the region, which borders with the Basque country, speaks the regional Basque language, Euskera. This area works in the service industry and has a rather strong industrial part as well. There is little agriculture, but sheep breeding is important, as well as are the vineyards in the south and also cereal crops. Its climate is mostly rainy, especially in the north of the region, and temperatures in winter are cold and moderate in summer. The most notable cheeses from Navarre are the Roncal and the Idiazábal.

Zonas queseras de NAVARRE

Ronca valley
The Roncal Valley, situated in the northeast of Navarre, is a unique confirmation of the coupling of man and nature. Since the Middle Ages, the laws of the Valley affirm that “In the Community of the Valley the Seven Villages, which make up the Roncal Valley, all inhabitants enjoy the used of pastures and grazing lands with all kinds of livestock which are indigenous to the valley.”

Ronca valley