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The Community of Valencia is located in the east of Spain. The climate is Mediterranean. The coastal flatlands are famous for citrics, rice, grapes and almonds. The are of Murcia is richest in pastures and has the most livestock. It is especially famous for the Murcian goat. This region’s vegetation is also Mediterranean. Its orography includes flatlands on the coast, which goes from Murcia to Castellón. There are also some mountainous areas in Alicante province. Regarding cheeses, it is evident that even the most primitive settlers already produced it. In the Neolithic period, cheese making techniques were known. Archeological remains prove this and methods were used which the Romans later improved. Perhaps the best goats in the world are bred in Murcia. In any case, nowadays this region is not so abundant in livestock breeding, maybe due to the fact that the land is so fertile that crops are much more profitable. Because of this, the prime resources for making cheese is scarce and the cheeses little known and fresh. The most notable ones would be that from Puzol, Servilleta, Cervera, Alicante and Murcia.