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This region is in the northeast of Spain which borders to the north with the Pyrenees mountain range. We can divide this area into three geographically distinct territories: the Ebro river valley, the Iberian mountain range and the above mentioned Pyrenees. This land is rich in woods and livestock, as well as agriculture and the industries related to it. The Mediterranean and continental climates reign throughout the whole region. In Aragón, we can find many diverse ecosystems that make this land quite a privileged region in terms of natural reserves. Undoubtedly, this region has been producing cheeses for a very, very long time. There has always been a great abundance of livestock, especially sheep, and magnificent pastures. Aragón has always been a place where Mediterranean cultures, as well as many others, entered and left, leaving traces of their traditions. There are not many varieties of cheese in this region, but there are some that are quite famous, such as those from Hecho and Ansó, Tronchón, Roncal, Bajo Aragón, Biescas...

Zonas queseras de ARAGON