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The autonomous community of Castilla - La Mancha is located in the central-southern area of Spain. The vegetation and climate are Mediterranean and continental. It is well-known for its livestock breeding, both ovine as well as bovine, which is fundamental for the production and development of cheese. In almost all the towns of this region cheese is produced. This includes industrial production as well as artesian and farm production. Among the latter we can also find some notable livestock farms which also produce magnificent cheeses by artesian means. The importance and strength of Manchego cheese is such that more or less Manchego cheese is produced in all the surrounding areas, including those made from mixes of sheep and cow’s milk of all kinds. We can say that Manchego cheese is the prototype of Spanish cheese, without doubt the most famous. But it should be clear that not all these cheeses are authentic Manchegos, as there is now a council which rules the guarantee of origin (D.O.). It is produced all over the region, which makes for notable differences that undoubtedly should be corrected, since it could discredit a product which is generally considered perfect.

Zonas queseras de CASTILLA-LA MANCHA

La Mancha
La Mancha is a land between the north and south of the Iberian peninsula. It was baptized by the Arabs as Al-ansha (land without water) and among its most valued patrimony for many centuries (Iberian archeological sites confirm this) is one of the most emblematic cheeses of Spain: Manchego cheese.

La Mancha
Torta Montes Toledo