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San Simón

Milk of Cow
Taste: Light
Texture: Creamy
Pasta: Semi-hard
0,96 Kg

This is a mild-flavored Galician cheese, slightly sharp, not very oily, with little salt and smoky aromas of birch. It is made from fresh, whole and natural milk from the Blonde Galician, Brown Alpine and Friesian cow. Its rind is smooth and looks quite waxy, shiny and grayish-brown. The color of the inside depends on its maturity. It varies from white in less cured varieties to yellowish in those which are more cured. Its shape resembles that of a pear, with a small nipple to be found at the vertex.


This cheese is historically tied to Galicia and the village of Vilalba. It is popularly believed that the exceptional quality of these cheeses is due to the cows that graze on the lands of San Simón. This singular and secular land belonging to the municipality of Vilalba has a very long tradition of making “zuecos”, or wooden shoes, cheeses and capon breeding. The area is sprinkled with green prairies, typical Galician forts, dolmens and megalithic sepulchres, as well as the famous San Roque Chapel, in Bodán.


We begin with slightly acidic, fresh milk, to which we add salt and animal rennet. Once the curd is formed, it is crumbled by hand into large pieces and the whey is removed. The special perforated wood molds are filled by hand while it is pressed, also by hand, at the same time. Once the whey has been removed, it is taken out of the mold and it left to air. Afterward, the wheels are scalded in hot water to obtain the optimum presentation. It is cured and lightly smoked in wood closets with pieces of birch wood.

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San Simón
This cheese is highly appreciated as an appetizer and “tapas”, but its culinary application in the kitchen is somewhat more reduced. It goes very well with young red wines and is a wonderful ingredient for salads.