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Milk of Cow
Taste: Light
Texture: Creamy
Pasta: Soft
1,03 Kg
Tinto joven

It is also known as “perilla” (pear) cheese because of the shape the finished piece takes (it also reminds us of a woman’s bosom). Produced from Friesian, Brown Alpine and Blonde Galician cow’s milk, the Tetilla cheese comes from the Galician countryside. Its rind is thin, yellow and has no mold. The paste is soft, creamy, uniform, with few holes and ivory-white in color. It has a soft, lactic, oily and slightly acidic taste, with a light touch of salt. In all, the flavor of this cheese reminds us of the milk it is produced from.


Some theories assert that this cheese comes from an 11th century convent, though what is sure is that Galicia has always been a livestock breeding land and that the Blonde Galician cow shepherds had more than enough milk to produce this cheese. Tetilla cheese was typical from the villages of Curtis, Arzúa and Mélide, in the western part of Coruña (northwest Galicia) which borders with the province of Lugo. At the “festa do queixo” (cheese festival), this kind of cheese, like others from around Galicia, have become an important protagonist. The history of the Tetilla cheese is comparable to that from Ulloa.


It is produced from the milk of cows that graze in the coastal mountain range. The master cheesemakers modeled this cheese by hand. The milk is curdled and heated to between 28º and 32ºC, while natural rennet is added. The mass is then cut into large pieces and, once it has become more firm, it is poured into the molds, or “cuncas”. It is then lightly pressed in order to remove the whey and the process is finalized by salting the pieces in brine. Originally, the salt was mixed directly into the paste before pressing. The curing is done in a typically Galician fresh and humid ambiance, lasting between 10 and 30 days.

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Denominación de Origen I
Spain I (Light)
Arzua Ulloa
San Simón
Tetilla cheese is perfect for melting. It can be served as thin slices, with cured "serrano" jam, chorizo and a glass of wine or dry sherry. Serve it also on slices of bread, with roasted vegetables or artichoke hearts in oil.