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Murcia al vino

Milk of Goat
Taste: Medium
Texture: Creamy
Pasta: Hard
2,5 Kg

This kind of cheese is produced from Murcian goat’s milk. It is somewhat fatty, the paste is pressed and it is not cooked. It has a cylindrical shape, with a smooth, light rind that is rubbed twice with red wine. The interior is compact, with a creamy and elastic texture. Its taste is pleasantly acidic, not very saline and it has a light aroma.


Hard and unfriendly terrain of Murcia has allowed for the breeding of the Murcian goat. This kind of livestock gives the milk necessary for producing this exquisite cheese, produced by shepherds and originally destined for their own consumption. The rough life of the shepherd caused this profession to practically disappear in the region, which provoked the disappearance of cheese production. For this reason, Agriculture and Livestock Breeding council of the regional government decided, back in 1985, to promote those dairies which kept the tradition alive. Today, the Queso de Murcia Producers Association represents producers that make this marvelous and original Spanish cheese.


Pasteurized Murcian goat milk, rich in dry cheese extract, is used to make this cheese. The coagulation is enzymatic. Once the paste is cut into small pieces, the molds are filled, it is lightly pressed and then salted. The curing process is done at a controlled temperature and humidity, and during this process the pieces are submerged in regional red wine, which gives it an exquisite taste.

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Murcia al vino
Murcia al vino cheese can be eaten with wines from the region, which are the same ones used to bathe the rind, such as Jumilla and Yecla. These are dry wines, high in tannins, and a perfect companions for this cheese. If it is fresh, this cheese can be fried with tomato sauce or eaten on “tapas” with oil and paprika.